Roots and Roses Therapy

A creek with grey rocks dotting the water, surrounded by a bank of smaller rocks and the outskirts of a wooded area.

Roots and Roses Therapy

with Rey Byrne, LMFT

Please note that I am currently not accepting new therapy clients. Check out my About page for more information.

A bit about therapy

Healing the world starts with healing ourselves.

We live in a world where experiences of loss, trauma, oppression, and burnout are common parts of life, yet the impact they have on us often remains unspoken. Sometimes we find ourselves replaying patterns from our past or from generations before us, having internalized expectations, anxieties, and unresolved trauma. Facing these past and current hardships can feel overwhelming, isolating, or incongruent, and sometimes we need some support to explore and recenter. Therapy is a space where we can pause to reflect, work towards resolution, and decide for ourselves who we want to be in this world.

Explore and heal your roots

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