Individual Therapy

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Please note that I am currently not accepting new therapy clients. Check out my About page for more information.

Sometimes we feel as if we aren’t ourselves. Sometimes we struggle internally with difficult feelings such as worry, sadness, panic, or hopelessness; other times we struggle externally in our relationships with others, in feeling disconnected, or in finding our purpose in the world. Many times, these struggles go hand in hand.

If you find yourself feeling stuck or on a loop, or if your challenges simply feel intolerable, therapy may help with becoming unstuck, making sense of what you’re going through, and moving through internal and external difficulties. Therapy is a unique relational experience that can support you to navigate the terrains of overwhelming emotions or situations, and provide a new experience in facing adversity.

Whether you are struggling with something new or something you have experienced for a while, therapy may be able to help.

How I work

As a trauma-informed relational and experiential therapist, my focus is on being present with and responsive to vulnerable feelings while providing validation, attunement, and gentle guidance. My approach is depth-based, helping clients identify and work through the emotional origins of their struggles, whether by identifying specific roots or simply experiencing and helping resolve associated feelings as they arise. I use the therapist-client relationship to explore client relational needs and provide a judgement-free space to express uncomfortable feelings, while co-creating opportunities to explore their whole self and provide space for catharsis and resolution. 

Through the foundation of relational and experiential therapy, I also incorporate humanistic, existential, and psychodynamic frameworks as indicated to fully support my clients. Additionally, I may offer somatic experiencing techniques, mindfulness, and expressive arts. If helpful and accepted, I also may utilize tools from motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, and dialectical-behavioral therapy.

Find out more about my work on the About page .

Who I work with

I have experience working with individuals from a diversity of identities, including along the lines of race, gender, sexuality, neurodiversity, ability, and socio-economic status. I may be a particularly good fit for individuals who are:

  • Trans, non-binary, and other gender-diverse 
  • Queer, lesbian, gay, and bisexual 
  • Disabled, chronically-ill, and neurodivergent 
  • Part of religious minorities
  • Involved in social justice and liberation struggles

Rey Byrne, LMFT #2021043650