Gender affirming healthcare is an important aspect of caring for ourselves and feeling safe and comfortable in our bodies. Yet gender affirming healthcare for transgender and otherwise gender nonconforming people is often gatekept, requiring a mental health provider to write a letter to doctors and/or insurance companies to validate that the care is needed. If you are seeking gender affirming care for hormone or surgery, I would love to support you with this.

I provide a one-session, gender-focused biopsychosocial assessment to gather needed information to support you to get the care you need. During that session, I will review the requirements with you and learn more about your gender experience and journey. We will discuss eligibility with the goal of providing you a letter by the end of our session.*

My standard fee for this one-time session is $100; however, I will work with you if this cost prohibitive for you. Please reach out to me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to discuss what you’re looking for. You can reach me at rey@rootsandrosestherapy.com or 314-455-6799.

*Please note: There are some requirements that could complicate achieving this goal, and if these present themselves we will discuss next steps to support your journey.

Rey Byrne, LMFT #2021043650